Yoga & Meditation Retreats Centre Pyrenees

In our yoga and meditation retreats we share the practice of yoga and its lifestyle. We share how to heal, care and strengthen your body, mind and soul. We practice exercises-postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and auto observation in inner silence (meditation). Practiced in India for thousands of years, it has become one of the systems of physical and spiritual conditioning with more followers globally. Our yoga and meditation retreats have a maximum capacity of 10 people. As the groups are very small we can personalize and individualize the retreats as much as needed. In our retreats the goal is not to complete a program or give a class, but to transmit the passion and the required bases to start or strengthen a path where our guests improve their psychophysical health. During yoga and meditation retreats we adapt to all levels of practice, as a result both beginners and advanced levels are welcome. The yoga, meditation and pranayama classes are progressive, and they always offer variations for the different levels of practice and limitations.